Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Starting back up & saying good-bye

I recently remembered that I had this blog. Because I will be doing a lot of writing, searching, and praying during my freshmen year of college I decided that this would be a lovely place to put it all (at least the writings of a religious aspect).

I suppose I will start with this.
You would think that it would be hard on an 18 year old girl to say good-bye to her family, and it was. I am almost 400 miles away from my home, and in a way, it doesn't feel real yet. It almost feels like a vacation with homework and textbooks. I thought that the hardest thing for me to say goodbye to would be all of my friends. And believe me, it wasn't easy, there were laughs and tears. And girls... if you are reading this you know how much I love you.

All I know is that saying good-bye to my church was not supposed to be as hard as it was. Because the Lord follows you wherever you go... right? But there is always going to be something special about that place for me. And it's not just the place, it is about who is in it. The families in that church have been next to me from the start and they have watched me grow (physically & spiritually). To make a long story short; leaving my church family brought more tears to my eyes then to everything else combined. I am going to be going "church-hunting" for the next few sundays...

But nothing will ever compare. Wish me luck.

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