Monday, October 26, 2009

I Got In!!

I am very excited because last week I went to the first mandatory meeting for the mission trip to Mexico in February. Oh how I miss mandatory meetings (not really). This Wednesday will be the second meeting where the participants, all nine of us, will be bringing a letter that we wrote to send to family members and friends. In these letters we will be asking for money, some like to refer to them as donations to make it sound better. I am going to try to send a copy of this letter to my home church to see if anyone from my congregation would like to donate anything. I say this, but at the same time I feel weird asking because that congregation has supported me so much in the past and I feel strange asking for their support for a non-"that church" sponsored trip (if that made sense to anyone).

Anyways... I also put up a small decorated box (that is very pretty) in the kitchen on my floor. There are 22 girls that live on my floor so that kitchen gets quite a few people going in and out of it often. They all seem to be excited for me and were up for donating their daily spare change to the cause. I appreciate all of the donations I have gotten from them so far. And hopefully the donations I haven't gotten yet...haha. Every penny counts :)

Oh yeah... I almost forgot.
(please read in a cute baby voice)
Mommy... I love you, I am going to Mexico. Call me after you read this :)


  1. aww thats so exciting!
    your mommy reads your blog? how adorable

    btw, in case you were wondering, your blog has 5 google subscibers, two being me and mr miller but hey that three unknowns... =]

    ps. put lots of tags on ur entries so that people who are interested in similar subjucts can happen upon your blog.
    xo, maddie

  2. tobes. youre wonderful. you'll have an amazing time. i'm jealous <3 nina

  3. thanks maddie & nina :)

    maddie- how do you know my blog has google subscribers?