Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Starting Over.

I am not quite sure where I have been the past couple of months. Well, yes I do but everyone else may not. However, I will try to get things up to speed.

Things that have happened since 11.06.2009:

- I got a new MacBook Pro... I love it!
- Thanksgiving. I got to go home and see people I haven't seen in a while
- Raised money for mission trip to Mexico thanks
- Christmas Break:
- Worked (a lot)
- Got my grades back
- Foundations of Education B+
- Philosophy an Ethical Issues A
- Old Testament A
- Principles of Writing A-
- First Year Seminar A
- Sorry I thought I deserved bragging rights :)
-Those who knew me in high school know why
- Christmas Eve Church Services
- I was liturgist at the 5:00 service again!
- Christmas
- I got really amazing gifts from my mom. Even after I told her that I didn't need any new things- she had already given me enough :)
- Spent time with my family and all my little cousins
- Cracked the screen of my iPhone
- Favorite part of break was hanging out with all my friends again!
- Back to school
- Found out I got off of "Provisional Status" and could take a full course schedule
My Classes:
- Exception People- EDU 190
- Principles of Speech- CMC 102
- New Testament- BIB 102Add Video
- Writing & Research- CMP 102
- Principles of Education- EDU 302
- Shakespeare on Film- LIT 312
- Notified that I made the Deans list last semester! Woot woot!

So... that is the summary of my life for the past two months or so. My game plan is to do just as well as I did last semester. Maybe better? Part of this plan means staying on top of this blog. As you can tell, I really like lists. I make "to-do" lists like it is my job. In fact, I have them posted all across my desk and in all the corners of my room. I can finally cross something off a list.

I can't say much about the other things though...

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