Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Someone isn't Having a Good Week...

That someone may or may not be me...

I discovered something new about myself on Monday. I am not supposed to be writing papers in APA. My major calls for MLA. Somewhere last semester I am positive I was told that all of my work should be handed in APA format, which, by the way was completely new to me. I had never even heard of APA before last semester. So, I had a blast teaching myself how to properly write APA. Well, I handed in two papers in on Monday...

My first professor (Principles of Speech) decided it would be fun (for him) to separate the class into goats and sheep. Sheep being the students who did what they were supposed to, goats being the students who were completely off track. Guess which farm animal I was...

My second professor (Writing and Research) was nice about it and told me it was a mistake that people with my major make often. She told me that it was fine as is and from this point on write all of my papers in MLA.

And oh yeah, that first professor who made the Biblical reference to Sheep and goats... handed the goats back their papers. I had a good Monday. And to add to the stress of my week we were told about an impromptu speech that we will have to have ready for Wednesday (today). It isn't really an impromptu though, at least I don't consider it to be. We can write about whatever we want- it is supposed to be a speech to amuse. It is an impromptu in the matter that our professor chooses people to deliver their speech at random. However, word on the street was that he asks for volunteers on the first day.

So, Tuesday night I got cracking on this speech. I wrote, edited, and prepared for what could and should have been the best speech ever delivered. Well, in my opinion at least. I was pumped for class. Legit, I don't think I have ever been this excited to go to a class. Guess who didn't give their speech today...

I am a master at complaining. It is a talent a have practiced often the past few years. In fact, I am so good at it that even if I had the best day of my life, there would be something I could complain about. With that said, I am going to start looking on the bright side of things.

Reasons to Look on the "Bright Side":
1: My Speech Professor is giving me a second chance to make the paper better
2: Only one student in Principles of speech actually did what they were supposed to
3: MLA is easier then APA- it was 1 semester, there are at least 7 more
4: No one gave their speech today- more time to prepare? Ehh... Probably not.
5: Only 1 more day! No Friday classes for Megan this week :)


  1. MEGAN! this is SO funny! :) it made me laugh out loud. and i would so be a sheep.

  2. Don't worry I was a goat too.... But that wasn't my fault. Sort of. I've been doing MLA format with the default settings on Word all my freaking life. Said speech teacher is the first one to tell me I was doing it incorrectly. I'm not gonna lie I was really freaking pissed... but at least I'll have it rite from now on :/