Friday, January 16, 2009

Chirstmas Prayar 2007

God, thank you for giving us your son. May you be with us as we celebrate his birth.

Thank you lord for blessing us as we remember those who are less fortunate, who will remain in our prayers on this Christmas Eve.

Thank you for giving us the Christmas tree that reminds us of the trinity.

And for showing us your everlasting love through the never-ending wreath.

Also for the angels who announced the birth of your son.

We thank you lord for giving us a clear night tonight so we can all leave here looking up at the stars in the sky and into heaven to remind us of the night our savior was born

And for blessing the stable in which Jesus was born because it reminds us that he was born not only for the rich, but also for the poor.

Lord, we also thank you for Staint Nicholas who gave gifts to the poor each year.

Please be with us tomorrow morning. And stay with us upon opening up our gifts and presents that Santa left us. To help us to remember the birth of your son. Our savior Jesus Christ, the true meaning of the day…

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