Sunday, January 11, 2009

Saying No...?

My church has been running summer camps for many years. Most of the camps are bible study camps also know as VBS (vacation bible school). All of these summer camps are held at Killiams Point. When I was younger I would go to these week long day camps and had a lot of fun at them. One of my clearest memory's was swimming across the bay and going to a little island. We did this as a large group with all of our consulars. The consulars were mainly devoted teenagers (who wanted community service hours) and the loving parents (excluding Bing Miller) who did all that they could to make sure that the young campers had a fun week.

However, there was another camp that was not part of VBS that has been run by our church. I had nothing to do with this camp; aside from baking hundreds of cookies with my mother for the campers. This camp is call Camp Totukett. It is a day camp that runs one week every summer for inner city children with AIDS in their families.

My freshmen year I was asked by my youth minister (Theresa Borchetta) to be a mentor for a camper at this camp. I can't exactly re-call why I said no. It may have been because I was away that week, or because I had a previous commitment. All I can remember is that I said no... and that I continued to say no for the next two years.

This past summer, something changed my mind. I skipped out on a potentially very fun trip to Lake George and became a part of this day camp. I had never gone to a meeting, and I had never met a current camper. I was paired up with a timid young girl who clung to me like glue.

After the camp was over, I regretted not doing it for the past three years. I was a great experience and I wish I never said no.


  1. Meg: I've been enjoying reading your entries. Very entertaining and informative. What I think they need however, are hyperlinks to connect some of your ideas to the outside world.

    Go back and add them to your entries. For example, you mention the mission trips - link to information about the location; you mention doing some research on deacons - link to relevant information to supplement what you write. Look for any place to add a hyperlink - people, places, ideas, connections...

    That is what is part of what we talked about when we discussed you doing this project in this way.

  2. Lovely testament to what you have been exposed to.
    These fond memories and experiences will be yours to provide to a new generation of kids who will need adults, such as yourself, to provide these opportunities.
    Please do not loose sight of the goal, the most basic reason we do this at Killam's Point. The name is misleading, it is not Killam's, as some think, it belongs to God and for his purposes, or his will.
    What is his will? I say it is iinterpreting God's will through scripture, (understanding it), then prayer (asking the good questions to Him), then waiting for the answer (discernment), are the basis for ascertaining, truly, what should be done for God and from God's perspective. Don't ever let people tell you what to believe. Just read what Jesus said in his own words: Mathew, Mark, Luke and John.

    I suggest that you consider the spirit if His message before believing any one's 'take' on a situation; even the words of the apostle Paul I find somewhat abrasive and Judgemental relative to Jesus. This is my own 'new' thinking so I have taken to reading the four synoptic gospels again and again to compare them to the epistles, or letters, because for me it is ALL ABOUT what THE MAN said-not about what people say. If you carry in your heart and have it on your tongue, WHAT THE MAN SAID will serve you rock solid for whole life. No one can really challenge that.

    Your challenge is to keep the Point from becoming an amusement park. The Point must not loose it's point;; it is not just for FUN. Fun is very important especially for children and learning, but it should not be the only reason we go to Killam's Point.
    Very often Christian's miss the point, Congregationalists are afraid to say the name Jesus in public-don't become one of those 'embarassed' Christians. People who are afraid to talk about their belief because they have not pursued a level of understanding (by reading for themselves), which gives one confidence in the Faith.

    'Persue your faith' the apostles say, with all your strength. Discernment is doing just that in a real, practical, everyday way and effective way. God can really take part in peoples everyday life, with their permission only. This is our FREE WILL to include or exclude God from our world. God is not going to intrude upon you, he wants to be included in your life. God wants to be loved by you, and everyone, thus we praise Him. He does give back in infinite ways (I would suspect), but JOY is the most obvious one for me. You know Joy also, it is a gift from God.

    So love your God, as Jesus commanded us #1 and love your neighbor as you love yourself #2. Not very much to remember is it? Knowing all Jesus said beneath this and you will be served well and you will serve others well as a minister to those kids and adults who can learn from your confident faith.
    As an adult christian I find YOU to be inspiring, and I thank you.